Voltech HVP359
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Product Detail:

We are introducing the Voltech HVP359 LED Video Processor: Redefining visual brightness!
Main Features
- Deliver stunning visuals to impress your audience with high-quality videos and presentations.
- Enhance the visual experience with crisp 4K HD resolution, bringing every detail to life.
- Full-color display ensures content with unparalleled color fidelity and depth.
- Equipped with LED screen splicing processing capabilities to achieve simultaneous display of multiple sources and seamless switching between sources, making the transition of LED display content smooth and professional.
- A comprehensive and indispensable SDI input and output tool, with functions such as one-click black screen and freeze, mode saving and recall, and compatibility with 6 standard sending cards.
Multiple Connections
- Offers multiple input options including connections for PC, laptop, camera, and DVD player.
- Flexible output to monitors and 3 LED display sending cards to ensure content reaches the audience in the most engaging way.
- Up to 13 digital-to-analog video inputs, allowing each channel to have an independent resolution output for ultimate flexibility. 
- Suitable for LED displays, seamlessly splicing the content of three output channels on a single LED screen, while channel M is connected to a dedicated monitor for monitoring and control.
- Suitable for driving three LED screens with different resolutions and easily managing content via Channel M on the display.

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